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Elizabeth BROWN's mother: HANNAH (1824?- )

Family of William COLE and Elizabeth Mary BROWN

Husband: William COLE (1848?- )
Wife: Elizabeth Mary BROWN ( -1900)
Children: Vallance COLE (1884?- )
Grace E COLE (1886- )
Marriage Jun 1882 Whitby, Yorkshire, England.

Husband: William COLE

Name: William COLE
Sex: Male
Father: Vallans COLE (1819-1893)
Mother: Ann COOK (1822-1868)
Birth Jul 1848 (app) Whitby, Yorkshire, England
Death Unresearched or unknown?
Residence (1) 1871 (age 22-23) Cliff Lane, Whitby, Yorkshire, England
Residence (2) 1851 (age 2-3) Whitby, Yorkshire, England
Residence (3) 1861 (age 12-13) Whitby, Yorkshire, England
Christening 2 Jul 1848 (age 0) Whitby, Yorkshire, England .

Wife: Elizabeth Mary BROWN

Name: Elizabeth Mary BROWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: HANNAH (1824?- )
Birth Unresearched or unknown?
Death Jun 1900 Whitby 9d 313

Child 1: Vallance COLE

Name: Vallance COLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1884 (app) Whitby, Yorkshire, England.
Death Unresearched or unknown?

Child 2: Grace E COLE

Name: Grace E COLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1886 Whitby, Yorkshire, England.
Death Unresearched or unknown?

Note on Husband: William COLE - shared note

In 1881 William is living at 16 Cliff Street. He is unmarried


The 1901 census shown William at 3 Lowergate, Whitby. He is a widow and his mother-in-law Hannah Brown is living with him and his children Vallance and Grace.