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Family of John MCGHIE and Margaret Winifred GWILLIM

Husband: John MCGHIE (1927-1975)
Wife: Margaret Winifred GWILLIM (1931-1981)
Marriage 18 Aug 1951

Husband: John MCGHIE

Name: John MCGHIE
Sex: Male
Father: James MCGHIE (1901-1970)
Mother: Janet Laird PARK (1902-1999)
Birth 19 Apr 1927 Lanarkshire ?
Death 28 Aug 1975 (age 48) Southend, Essex, England.

Wife: Margaret Winifred GWILLIM

Name: Margaret Winifred GWILLIM
Sex: Female
Father: Arthur Leonard GWILLIM (1887-1944)
Mother: Eliza MEECHAM (1891-1945)
Birth 29 Oct 1931 West Ham, Essex, England
Death 4 Mar 1981 (age 49) Southend, Essex, England.

Note on Husband: John MCGHIE - shared note

I remember John very well. He was a handsome man and was kind to me. I was most surprised to see he was born in Wishaw as this is my Grandmothers home town and I do not ever remember this connection being discussed.