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John NEWMAN's father: James NEWMAN (1799-1850)

Family of John NEWMAN and Caroline PARSONS

Husband: John NEWMAN (1822?-1850)
Wife: Caroline PARSONS (1822- )
Marriage 5 Jul 1847 Broadwater, Sussex, England.

Husband: John NEWMAN

Name: John NEWMAN
Sex: Male
Father: James NEWMAN (1799-1850)
Mother: -
Birth 1822 (app) Sussex
Death 25 Nov 1850 (age 27-28) At sea - see notes

Wife: Caroline PARSONS

Name: Caroline PARSONS
Sex: Female
Father: Charles PARSONS (1788- )
Mother: Elizabeth NORRIS (1776-1863)
Birth 1822 Worthing, Sussex, England.
Death Unresearched or unknown?
Christening 29 Dec 1822 (age 0) Broadwater, Sussex.

Note on Husband: John NEWMAN - shared note

James Newman along with his son John (husband of Caroline Parsons) and 11 other Worthing fishermen were involed in the attempted rescue of a trading barque called the Lallah Rookh which was in danger of floudering. Both James and his son were drowned.


In the second boat launched James Searle baptised 26/03/1848 Broadwater (Baptised Richard James) was among those who helped in the rescue.