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Family of Horace BACON and Nellie G PARSONS

Husband: Horace BACON ( - )
Wife: Nellie G PARSONS (1901- )
Children: Ronald H BACON (1928- )
Marriage 1926

Husband: Horace BACON

Name: Horace BACON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Nellie G PARSONS

Name: Nellie G PARSONS
Sex: Female
Father: Isaac PARSONS (1862-1930)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth BENNETT (1863-1949)
Birth 1901

Child 1: Ronald H BACON

Name: Ronald H BACON
Sex: Male
Birth 1928

Note on Husband: Horace BACON - shared note

Horace died in the 2nd World War - source Janice Orlowski