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Annie JOHNSTONE's siblings: John JOHNSTONE (1880-1881) and Jane JOHNSTONE (1885- )

Family of William PARSONS and Annie JOHNSTONE

Husband: William PARSONS (1887- )
Wife: Annie JOHNSTONE (1882-1960)
Children: Elizabeth May PARSONS (1909-1911)
Dorothy Hilda PARSONS (1911-1995)
William A PARSONS (1912- )
Robert D PARSONS (1915- )
Emily Jean PARSONS (1920- )
Eileen Margaret PARSONS (1923-2007)
Marriage 21 Dec 1907 St Georges, Worthing, Sussex, England.

Husband: William PARSONS

Name: William PARSONS
Sex: Male
Father: Richard PARSONS (1855-1899?)
Mother: Clara SEARLE (1854-1897?)
Birth 1887 Worthing, Sussex, England.
Death Worthing, Sussex, England
Residence (1) 1891 (age 3-4) Montague Street 64, Worthing, Sussex, England.
Residence (2) 1901 (age 13-14) Lillington Terrace, Tarring Road, Worthing, Sussex.
Residence (3) 1911 (age 23-24) Sugden Road 89, Worthing, Sussex, England
Census (1) 1891 (age 3-4) Worthing, Sussex, England
Census (2) 1901 (age 13-14) Worthing, Sussex, England
Census (3) 1911 (age 23-24) Worthing, Sussex, England.
Christening 14 Feb 1892 (age 4-5) Broadwater by Worthing, Sussex, England.


Sex: Female
Father: Thomas JOHNSTONE (1860-1893)
Mother: Elizabeth SKILLEN (1860-1889)
Birth 25 Apr 1882 McAlpine Street 8, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Death 29 May 1960 (age 78) Summersdale Hospital, Chichester, Sussex, England.
Census (1) 1911 (age 28-29) Worthing, Sussex, England.
Census (2) 1891 (age 8-9) Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Residence (1) 1911 (age 28-29) Sugden Road 89, Worthing, Sussex, England
Residence (2) 1891 (age 8-9) Simpson's Square 23, Cambusnethan, Scotland

Child 1: Elizabeth May PARSONS

Name: Elizabeth May PARSONS
Sex: Female
Birth 1909 Worthing, Sussex, England.
Death 1911 (age 1-2) Worthing, Sussex, England.

Child 2: Dorothy Hilda PARSONS

Name: Dorothy Hilda PARSONS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur OLLIVER (1903?- )
Birth 26 Feb 1911 Worthing, Sussex, England.
Death 6 Feb 1995 (age 83) Worthing, Sussex, England.
Census 1911 (age 0) Worthing, Sussex, England.
Residence 1911 (age 0) Sugden Road 89, Worthing, Sussex, England

Child 3: William A PARSONS

Name: William A PARSONS
Sex: Male
Birth 1912 Worthing, Sussex, England.
Death Worthing, Sussex, England.

Child 4: Robert D PARSONS

Name: Robert D PARSONS
Sex: Male
Birth 1915 Worthing, Sussex, England.
Death Worthing, Sussex, England.

Child 5: Emily Jean PARSONS

Name: Emily Jean PARSONS
Sex: Female
Birth 1920 Worthing, Sussex, England.
Death Worthing, Sussex, England.

Child 6: Eileen Margaret PARSONS

Name: Eileen Margaret PARSONS
Sex: Female
Spouse: David Horace GWILLIM (1917-1979)
Birth 27 Sep 1923 Worthing, Sussex, England.
Death 19 May 2007 (age 83) Worthing Hospital, Worthing, Sussex, England.

Note on Husband: William PARSONS (1)


Note on Husband: William PARSONS (2) - shared note

In 1901, following the death of his parents William is living with his brother Richard and his wife Alice. He is wrongly entered as their son.


Witness Joseph Parsons & Jane Johnston

Occupation at time of wedding - Gardener


In 1911 William and Annie are living with William's brother Joseph.

Note on Wife: Annie JOHNSTONE - shared note

After the death of her Father, Annie went the The Muller Children's Home in Bristol. She was admitted, along with Jane, on 8th March 1893. They were placed in separate 'homes' within the complex as Annie was older than Jane. Annie was dismissed, (the term used for children who were of an age to leave the Childrens Home) on 25th April 1899 her 17th Birthday. Jane was dismissed on 19th November 1902. She was 17 years and 12 days old. Jane it appears had committed some terrible sin and could not be recommended for a 'position so Annie found her house servant work in Worthing.


As far as Childrens Homes go it would appear to have been one of the more forward looking institutions of its day. It would not have been usual for children to have moved so far around the country as there would have been concerns about who would pay for their upkeep. This is shown in a document which states that if they did not meet with approval at the home for any reason Cambusnethan would accept them back on their Poor Law Records. Annie and Jane were admitted to this Home because a Mrs Wardrup pleaded with Mr Muller to take them. She stated that their father was most concerned that they did not go to his family members as they did not treat them kindly. She also says that their father was a good Christian man. I have copies of all of the documents regarding this move.


Annie pretty much looked after Jane all her life. Jane did not marry and if my memory serves me right she had a fiancee who died in the Great War. I remember Jane who was always called Ginny as a very sweet lady who seemed quite mysterious to me. She worked in 'service' all her life and one placing was at Leonardslee Gardens as Cook . She was offered the position of Cook for Winston Churchill which she declined as she said they wanted to live like Kings but only had the money of paupers. My Nan seemed to look after Ginny all her life and they were very close. Ginny used to stay with various family members between positions and I can still see her in my minds eye - short - rotund - grey haired wearing a black coat and a black straw hat.


1901 Census shows Annie 1882 (19) as a General Servant for the Scott family. The address is Somerville Place, Carluke, Lanarkshire. The census say's she was born in Morningside, Wishaw, Lanarkshire.


I was only about 11 when Annie (the only grandparent I knew) died so I have a very limited memory of her. My Mum says that Annie could never settle anywhere for long and was contstantly of the move. In fact my Mum recalled that on one occasion after such a move she was on her way home from school and realised she could not remember where they were living. She had to go to the house they had just moved from and ask the new tenants if they knew where she lived!


Death reported by Dorothy Olliver of 22 Stanley Road, Worthing

Died of Bronchopneumonia & Senility


Birth details taken from Birth Entry Register


Death details taken from Death Certificate