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William DAWSON's father: Isaac DAWSON (1820?- )

Family of William DAWSON and Ann KYE

Husband: William DAWSON (1845?- )
Wife: Ann KYE (1845?- )
Marriage 24 Jul 1864 St Thomas, Stepney, Middlesex, England.

Husband: William DAWSON

Name: William DAWSON
Sex: Male
Father: Isaac DAWSON (1820?- )
Mother: -
Birth 1845 (app)
Death Unresearched or unknown?
Residence 24 Jul 1864 (age 18-19) Stepney, Middlesex, England

Wife: Ann KYE

Name: Ann KYE
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph KUEY (1809-1884)
Mother: Susan LAMBIRD (1809?-1875)
Birth 1845 (app) Unresearched or unknown?
Death Unresearched or unknown?

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Note on Wife: Ann KYE - shared note

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